The Bespoke Team

Joao Arteche

Joao is our Head Endurance Coach, Personal Trainer & Online Coach. A passionate triathlete, he is a 7-time Full Ironman finisher and qualified for the Kona 2018 World Championship.

Tamary Khoury

Tamara is a certified personal trainer with a specialty in Cardio Pilates and pre/post-natal fitness. She started her career in corporate communications in Dubai and left the industry to find a space to create while helping others achieve their maximum fitness potential. 

Tamara is also a holistic health coach and has developed 2 long term programs to help clients build a positive and long lasting relationship with food! 

She is an avid runner with a soft spot for trails and mountain runs, travelling the world to find the most fascinating spots she can get her feet on. Tamara enjoys a balanced and active lifestyle. She strongly believes that with the right mindset, you can achieve anything you want!

Bojan Durdic

Bojan is former professional cyclist, best ever cyclist in Serbia : 19 times National Champion, top 70 on world ranking list. 

He is our Indoor Cycling Coach and also a part of Endurance Coaching team. 

Bojan has BSc in Sports and Physical Education, Certified Functional Strength Coach Level 1. He is specialized in Cycling and Endurance coaching, improving FTP, and Strength Training. 


His passion is helping people get fit and fast.

Tommaso Cartacci

Once upon a time a fighter pilot in the military now, a plant-based powered triathlete and coach in his 40s. Tommaso’s first triathlon was in 1997, completing many Olympic and sprint distances over the years. Tommaso’s full Ironman distances include IMZuric 2015, IMRoth 2017 (sub 10 hours) and a few IM70.3's in the Middle East including IM 70.3 Bahrain, finishing in sub 4hours and 30 mins. Tommaso has been dealing with athletes for the last 25 years and being in the military taught him discipline, but also flexibility, allowing him to adapt different training styles to suit a variety of clients.  

Imad Aldin

Imad is a SPARTAN global brand ambassador, a REPs level 3 personal trainer and certified SGX coach (group exercises). Imad has completed 4 Ironman 70.3 distances, and 11 SPARTAN races – varying distances including the Ultra Beast in Malaysia. Imad’s favorite quote is “pain is temporary, glory is forever”.

Melina Timson-Katchis

Melina, (re)discovered triathlons in Dubai after the birth of her third daughter. At the age of 36, following a 17year break from the sport, she completed her first full Ironman at Challenge Roth.  From there she went on to complete a further 3 full Ironman events - including Ironman Wales and 10 triathlons over the 70.3 distance including recently the World Championship in Nice. 

Melina is a Loughborough University graduate and holds an MSc in Sport Science and an MPhil in Sport Psychology. She is the Women For Tri Ambassador here in the UAE and is passionate about making the sport accessible to everyone and using it as a vehicle to enhance people’s wellbeing, beyond just health and fitness. 

She’s happiest in the water and loves bright colors mainly pink!

Marco Morelli

Marco has a strong background in swimming, joining a master squad for more than 10 years until he started his triathlon journey.

In 2008 Marco raced his first sprint distance in Bahrain going on to do several half Ironman’s: 70.3 in Geelong, Bahrain, Dubai, Pescara (Italy), Putrajaya (Malaysia), Liuzhou (China), Taiwan, Rio de Janeiro and Cartagena (Colombia). 

Today, Marco is a 4-time full Ironman finisher: Klagenfurt (Austria), Port Elizabeth (South Africa) twice, and Challenge Roth (Germany). 

He’s also qualified twice for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship: 2018 in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and 2019 in Nice (France). 

He’s also an avid mountain biker, skier, free climbing and mountain sports for many years. Marco has climbed several 4000mt mountains in the Alps: Mount Blanc in France, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso in Italy. 

Mohammed Hafiz
Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Hafiz is 43 years old and studied Health and Fitness Studies and Leisure Management at the University of Brunel in the United Kingdom. Mohammed speaks Arabic and English and lives between Jeddah and Dubai. Running is his passion which led him to become a triathlete in 2014. He received his Ironman coaching certificate in 2019.    


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