Personal Training

Bespoke Ride offers 3 personal training environments -> 3 different coaches to client ratios

Group Personal Training (1:15)

Group Personal Training (GPT) provides you with a framework for each and every training session and gives the flexibility to exercise and follow the program on your own time. During GPT, our coaches have the ability to modify and scale the workout to fit the needs of any fitness level. This group environment has a high-energy atmosphere, which will supply you with the motivation to push and reach new limits.

Benefits of GPT:

Flexible: Can arrive at any time during GPT hours and our coach will be available to assist you.

Dynamic: Daily workouts keep the experience interesting and challenging throughout the week.

Community: Creates a community of active people performing the same workout daily (class type session, but more controlled and personalized to your level).


Semi-Private Personal Training  (1:4)

Semi-Private Training (SPT) takes a unique structure in which you will receive the individuality of a one-on-one private session and the energy level of a group session. You will be training in small groups of 2-4 people, allowing you to maximize the benefit of the training program and take full advantage of our expert coaches. Each session will be tracked by a BR coach, which will lead to increased accountability and attention to detail. SPT sessions are scheduled for one hour and require prior booking.

Benefits of SPT:

Physical Testing: Smaller group environment allows for monthly testing sessions and body composition assessments to take place, providing direct data on individual progress.

Flexible: More flexibility than a PT session due to the multiple SPT sessions offered daily.

Motivating:  The few other people in the group allow for a motivated and challenging environment.



Private Personal Training (1:1)

Private Personal Training (PT) is completely individual. You will receive the exclusivity of a private coach and an individualized plan to guide you to achieve your fitness, well-being and performance targets.

During this in-depth instruction, you will get 100% full attention, individual nutrition coaching, as well as comprehensive feedback reports monitoring your progress. PT sessions are scheduled for one hour and require prior booking.


Benefits of PT:

Exclusivity: The individual receives the complete and undivided attention of their coach.

Individualized: The program is individualized as per the clients training goals.

Reports: Monthly feedback reports from monthly physical testing and body composition assessments to insure there is always progress.

SPT (Custom)
PT (Custom)

Our Coaches


Joao Marcelo Arteche

Head Endurance Coach & Personal Trainer & Triathlete

Joao is a 4x Full Ironman Finisher and a World Champion Qualifier for Chattanooga 70.3 later this year. Besides that he is a 2x Ultra trail run 100km finisher and he is an endurance coach for many years now. When Joao is not working in our studio, you will find him at NAS, Al Qudra, Hamdan, Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Jebel Jais or anywhere in the UAE where you can run, cycle or swim.


Steve Maysey

Personal Trainer & Strength Specialist

Personal Trainer & Strength Specialist

Steve has  15 years experience in the health & fitness industry and has extensive practical knowledge of guiding clients towards a wide range of goals. He developed a meticulous attention to body mechanics & movement patterns

Steve’s ethos:

“Learn the correct methods. Develop strength & refine the movements. Live your life how you choose”