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Bespoke Ride

BESPOKE RIDE provides you with the most advanced and accurate simulation of cycling physics in a safe all-weather indoor environment.  We use actual bikes with gears in a fun, challenging and motivational group setting. Group fitness was never made so customized!

Our coaches enter your max power value and set the training program specifically to your level, you will then be able to see where you are on the course in relation to other cyclists and see specific metrics to help gauge fitness and performance improvements.

Benefits of BR Cycling:

  • Interval Based Training: Designed by our Head Endurance Coach, sessions use interval-based training methods designed to help you reach your fitness and performance goals.
  • Real-time Data Collection: Get instant feedbacks through our computerized monitoring system and never waste another training session.
  • BR Online Coaching: Using online training software, our coaches can guide and monitor your training program as you take on the roads and the water of your own neighborhood.


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FTP Testing

BR offers FTP Testing in its indoor cycling studio. FTP represents the power (measured in watts) that someone could theoretically maintain for about an hour, and it’s used to scale you when doing workouts in our indoor cycling studio to make sure your fitness level is increasing. FTP which stands for Functional Threshold Power is a measure for fitness.

The FTP test is done by doing a short warm up followed by a 20 minute test on your own or one of our bikes. Your FTP score is calculated using 95% of your average power across the 20 minute test.

All your future BR workouts will be based on your new FTP and via structured training plans we will start increasing your FTP and make you stronger



Bike fitting allows us to analyze a rider’s position in 3D and gives us objective markers to identify possible changes to accurately adjust and enhance a more progressive fit position. Better position means a better more efficient aerodynamics performance!


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Custom cycling insoles help align your body, while evenly distributing pressure and supporting your foot. Notable power increases are common, along with increased comfort, endurance and reduced joint wear.


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